Telloni'ath is a Science Fiction setting in three different eras, which vary in theme and mood. It is Earth in the present, near future and far future. This setting is mainly intended as a basis for written fiction, and possibly artwork and comics. To find out more about the different eras, click on the links above. If you have not come here by way of the website for Serenai, you may want to take a moment to read this.

The year is 2484, and little remains of Earth as we know it. Vast city-states are the only true bastions of humanity, as the rest of Earth has become a barren wasteland, where only the toughest of things can grow.

And in these city-states, a constant war is waged between three fractions; the fascist totalitarian world government, giant global corporations joined together in consortiums and cartels fielding mercenary armies, and the massive underground movement made up of all those who have fled the rigid everyday life. The concept of humanity has changed, as cybernetic implants and enhancements ("cybs" to the common man) are commonplace, and medical science unlocked the key to genetic modification by deconstructing the Hydra Complex, giving way to outlandish body modifications and alterations. Societal order is an illusion which is fading fast, as mankind drifts further and further from it's natural roots...

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The Global Council of Order and Unity

The 'official' rulers of the world - a totalitarian government, which would like nothing more than to see the entire world fall in line, marching under the same banner, obeying the rules of society. The council got it's beginning in the year 2098, when society took it's first trembling steps out of the darkness brought on by the Hydra Syndrome. At first they were merely a political organization, meant to mediate and keep order. But soon a peacekeeping force was formed, and from there things began to escalate. The leaders decided that encouraging peace was not enough - it had to be forced upon the people, at gunpoint if necessary.

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The Power Players and Money Makers

While the GCOU is powerful, it is far from omnipotent or omnipresent. Ever present is the corporate world, which is filled with industrial behemoths who aren't willing to bow down to any governmental force. With their vast resources, they gather armed forces of their own, to keep the governmental army as well as the underworld (not to mention competitors) at bay. Here are but a few of those giants that shape the world, for good and bad.

The Al-Masria consortium
When resources are scarce, there are some things which become far more precious than others. One of these is good quality food. Though there are food stuffs with the necessary nutrition readily available at a cheap price, these are often bland and dry, a mere imitation of what real food once was. The Al-Masria consortium is a group of companies specialized in the cultivation of proper vegetables, grain, spices and meat, which they sell at a high price. They guard their secret greenhouses and farms with veritable armies of mercenaries, ready to defend those who would try to claim the food - or their precious seeds.

The Lao Pei Dynasty group
One of the largest and most influental groups of data management companies in the world - what makes them stand out among is their outspoken opposition to the GCOU, an opposition which often results in armed conflict. Few secrets are beyond the reach of their expert intrusion specialists, and the sell all information they come across to the highest bidder. All unofficial and unprovable, of course, but it is the big cyborg elephant in the room which everyone prefers not to talk about.

The largest medical technology corporation in the world, as well as the leading manufacturer of cybernetic equipment. They were the original holders of the patent for cybernetic technology, but after the GCOU ordered that no single corporation could hold the rights to something so important for mankind, their secrets were taken and spread across the world. Now they are working to either take over or eliminate every other cybernetic company in the world, so that they will have the sole monopoly (and control over hardware). Their chief adversary in the Hand of Steel (see below) who is on a constant crusade to keep cybernetics beyond the control of one large company.

Diamond Eye cartel
The Diamon Eye cartel is a gathering of pharmaceutical companies, which manufacture and supply basic as well as complex medicines. This is merely their base market though, as they also have control of the world's largest drug manufacturing/distribution machine, which is the true source of their riches. This means that they fight a neverending war, not only against the GCOU which would shut down their operations permanently, but against other drug cartels, and gangs of the underworld who would like nothing more than to get their hands on their products and machinery. But their drug-fueled mercenary forces are more than up for the task, and those who dare compete with the cartel soon find themselves in dire need of allies...

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The forces of Anarchy and Freedom

If the GCOU and the giant corporations of the world are battling to bring about order in the way that suits them, the shadowy underworld is working hard to dismantle them both. Though the Underworld is vast and complex beyond what anyone can imagine, there are a few groups which have managed to spread to the six city-states and stand out among the rest.

Black Dog Legion
The dirty, the broken, the rotten. According to themselves, at least.. This group, which is one of the largest underground movements in the world, is a resistance movement with the GCOU as its nemesis. Though they aren't an outright criminal group, they deal in black markets, gun trade and drugs to fund their operations as well as destabilize the GCOU's territories. They fight and die with guns blazing, hearts raging and cybs surgning, ready to take on the world. Their stronghold lies in San Dolores, but they also have a strong presence in New Shanghai as well as Esperanza.

The Hand of Steel
One part organized crime, one part freedom fighters and one part transhumanists, the Hand of Steel is an organization which fights for the future of humanity (in their own eyes, at least). They control black markets specialized in cybernetic augmentations and medical technology, which puts them at direct odds with the large coporations which supply high-grade augmentations. Suez is their true stronghold, though they have a strong presence in Stella Europa and Lucienne as well.

The Lightning Blade Triads
With their roots among the triads of china, the Lightning Blade Triads is mainly a criminal organization, with control over black markets, human smuggling and much more. Usually they can use their economical resources to manipulate large corporations enough to prevent more serious conflicts, but though they try to keep a low profile, they do get into conflicts with the WCO, which is not so easily bribed. Their main strongholds are located New Shanghai as well as Esperanza and San Dolorosa. Though strong there, they have a minimal presence in Stella Europa.

A veritable army of hackers and infiltrators, the Blitzkriegers are pehaps the most elusive of the largest groups in the underworld. They rarely engage in outright violence, choosing instead to infiltrate the nteworks of large corporations and the GCOU, learning as much as they can before striking as hard and fast as possible. Though cybernetic enhancements are commonplace, the Blitzkriegers take it to new extremes as most memebers sooner or later become more technological than organical. The group does not have a specific place which they consider their home base, instead they have a subtle, but solid presence in all the six city-states, Lucienne having the highest presence of all.

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The City-States

The city-states are the last true bastions of humanity. They are gigantic cities, with millions of inhabitants, closed off from the rest of the world which by now is unable to support a functioning ecosystem. Though there is transportation systems between the city-states, they are few and very expensive - though you can easily live your whole life in one place without seeing even a fraction of all that the city-state has to offer.

The sprawling city-state of Esperanza lies on the west coast of South America, a long-time joint project between the nations of the region. Though large corporations have a rather firm control here, they are constantly under assault from the gangs and organizations of the underworld. When it comes to class disparity, Esperanza is second only to New Shanghai, as the gap between the wealthy and the poor is absolutely staggering. Though you might not guess it from the luxurious gardens and high-rise mansions, a great many of the city-state's inhabitants are virtually homeless. This works to the underworld's advantage however, and they use that advantage to it's full extent. What you cannot find on the black markets of Esperanza, you will not find anywhere in the world.

Once a massive scientific research station under the surface of the ocean, the city-state of Lucienne got its beginning when population from canada fled north. Now, the city lies not only on the coastal lines of Greenland, but on floating technological islands, as well as under the ocean. Though the GCOU is the official rulers, the underworld has a firm hold as well - not only in the shadows, but among the GCOU's own people... Large corporations have a presence, but are kept well in check by the GCOU and it's forces. Compared to the other city-states, life in Lucienne is perhaps the most extravagant, where culture can breathe without being stomped out by the boot of the GCOU or succumbing to the chaos of the underworld.

Santa Dolores
Santa Dolores, whose name comes from one brave woman who saved the early city a long time ago from falling victim to the Hydra Syndrome, and as a result was canonized. The city-state lies on the western coast of what used to be the US/Canada, and is the second largest in the world, second only to Xîn shànghâi. In this city, the underworld reigns supreme. Try as they might, the GCOU cannot gain a proper foothold, and large, exploitative corporations who try to move in will inevitably find their operations dismantled. This does not mean that the people are as free as they would proclaim, as corruption and organized crime is a part of everyday life, and gang wars often shake the streets of the city. While there is no longer a class society here, some groups have taken to somethine almost like caste systems, and in many regions life is very tough and gritty.

Stella Europa
Stella Europa is based upon the joint ruins of Germany and France in western europe. There is nowhere in the world where the World Order Council is as strong as here. Tough large corporations have an influence and the underworld has its small strongholds, they are firmly outmatched by the governmental forces. The city-state is indeed peaceful, but its inhabitants are under constant surveillance, as the GCOU is adamant about keeping unwanted elements out, and keeping the population in check. It is a monument to the ancient history of europe, merged with a sterile and fashionable facade - though that is not to say the shadows hide a dark exterior...

Located where the Suez Canal once lay, Suez is the largest city-state when it comes to sheer area. Here, large corporations are warring constantly with the GCOU for dominance. Though the underworld has a certain foothold, they are well outmatched - though certain groups enjoy a certain advantage. It is often called paradise on earth, which probably could be close to true, were it not for the constant conflicts. Life here is not as packed and dirty as other city-states, though it is still being a far cry from the old splendour of the region.

Xîn shànghâi (New Shanghai)
New Shanghai is located on the coast of northern china and is the largest city-state in the world, owing to it's population which hails mainly from china, russia and india. It is the true stronghold of the large companies and consortiums. Their massive mercenary armies make it impossible for the GCOU to move in properly, and the underworld can only operate in the shadows, lest they'll be mercilessly slaughtered. Class differences are monumental, as in the difference between the city-state's districts. The poor quarters are barely more than dumping grounds, while the rich quarters are the most luxurious and exclusive in the world.

The dead city-state of Australia
There used to exist seven city-states, up until 14 years ago. The seventh was the city-state of Australia, which fell victim to the warring between the underworld, the GCOU and large energy companies. A great struggle to gain control of the city-state's massive power plants was waged, and in the process of capture, loss and re-capture of these plants, too much damage was done, which first resulted in a partial loss of power. But this soon escalated, and the entire system became overloaded, and with the structural integrity already failing in many plants, things soon collapsed. In the end, it all resulted in a total loss of power, leaving the city-state dark and cold. Chaos quickly took hold, which quickly exstinguished any chance of getting society back up and running. Wether anything remains is anyone's guess...

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