Keeper history

Here you can find a timeline of important events that have impacted Menidi'ath and the work of the Starlight Union's Keepers on the planet. This section will be continually updated as the project develops.

Solar cycle 0
Construction of Menidi'ath starts.

Solar cycle 3785
Official start of operations on planet.

Solar cycle 315 159
The galactic rupture tears through the galaxy.

Solar cycle 315 782
Project Starlight Trail begins.

Solar cycle 316 122
The Godslayer rises and strikes down the supreme Keeper. Project Starlight Trail is abandoned.

Solar cycle 316 508
The projector shields fail for unknown reasons. One of the archive stations that has orbited the planet crashes due to malfunctioning equipment. An unidetified space craft also is torn out of orbit, crashing on the planet.