About Project Menidiath

Menidiath is a project about building a world - but not just drawing up a map and slapping down some random content on top and calling it a day. It's about trying to create a setting which truly feels alive, where there is always something new to discover and no one story could ever encompass everything in the world. A setting which feels personal and unique. It is a science fiction / fantasy setting which tries to combine the two in its own way. It is a setting which is not meant for large epics, but for smaller, more human stories. It is a setting meant for visual art, music, photography, short stories, games, larps and much more.

It is a setting you too can be a part of. This project welcomes anyone with a creative streak to participate and be part of the team, so if you would be interested in the collaborative part of the project check out the contribution section!

If you wish to know more about Serenai, the setting which Menidiath is a smaller part of, follow this link or the link in the menu above.

Use of material

All the material on this site is owned by Zacharias Holmberg, unless where the website states otherwise regarding content. If you wish to participate or contribute in the project yourself, you are of course free to use any material on the site as inspiration. Using characters, places, creatures and other things on this site for your own creative work is not only allowed, but encouraged!

In true open-source spirit this project is meant for the enjoyment of everyone, but as a lot of hard work and artistic thought has been put into it by a lot of people it's important that their work is respected. Do not remove logos from images or repost texts/music without crediting author and source.