About Project Menidi'ath

Project Menidi'ath has gone trough a lot of changes over the years. It's humble beginnings lie in a long-deceased fantasy world I began creating around nine years ago. Since then it has gone through a number of different phases and started to reach it's current form around 2008. It was in November that year that I arranged a LARP (live action role playing game) which collected bits and pieces produced over the years into a cohesive whole. This version of Menidi'ath was a far cry from what it is today, but that was the true beginning. From that point it snowballed, and now it is what you see before you on this site.

Menidi'ath is a project about building a world - but not just drawing up a map and slapping down some random derivative content on top and calling it a day. It's about trying to create a setting which truly feels alive, where there is always something new to discover and no one story could ever encompass everything in the world. A setting which feels personal and unique.

It is a science fiction / fantasy setting which tries to marry the two in it's own way. It is a setting which is not meant for large epics, but for smaller, more human stories. It is a setting meant for visual art, music, photography, short stories, games and much more.

There is, however, one central aim for this project: a 300 page artbook. I realized early on that I could not just write a trilogy of books and hope to convey what this project means to me. Instead a large book will be put together which presents the world in a more artistic way. This book will hopefully be realized with the help of crowdfunding when that time comes. Until that day I hope that you, dear reader, can find joy in taking part of all the content on this website - or perhaps even participate in the project.

If you wish to know more about Project Serenai, the setting which Menidi'ath is a smaller part of, follow this link.

Use of material

All the material on this site is owned by Zacharias Holmberg, unless the website states otherwise regarding content. This being said, all material on the site is free to use as inspiration. However, I hope and wish that if you choose to use any of the content found on this site you also link to this website and give proper credit.

In true open-source spirit this project is meant for the enjoyment of everyone, but as a lot of hard work and artistic thought has been put into it by a great many people it's important that their work will be respected. Do not remove logos from images or repost texts/music without crediting author and source.

It is also allowed to produce non-canonical content based in this setting, as long as you credit the source. Such non-canonical content does not need express approval (I would love to hear about it though!), but will not be published on the main site.

About the Project Lead

My name is Zacharias Holmberg, I come from western Finland where I have studied Fine Arts at Novia University of Applied Science. I've been working as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer for about 8 years and am considering getting a MA in animation. I also own a small company which focuses on craftsmanship of different kinds together with my sister.

If you wish to contact me, mail me at zacharias.b.holmberg at gmail.

You can also check out my art in the following places:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zachholmbergart
Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/zachholmberg
Etsy: http://zachholmbergart.etsy.com
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