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The Ormáz

Writer: Erik Sjöberg
Added: 03.12.18
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” We are stuck between a rock and a hard place, our blood will set us free.”

The people of Ormáz are a resourceful people. Bloodline abilities ensure survival in the dangerous “island paradise” they live in. The need to survive has led them to ever increasingly brave the deeper parts of the jungles, where few dare enter, and fewer ever leave. 


Tribals, survivors and bloodline mystics. The Ormáz are a handful of tribes stretched out over a handful of islands. A people in hiding from another tribe, the cannibalistic “Orthós” who are more numerous and many times more vicious. Now also assailed by the Lenorians who capture them and put them in large ships, never to be seen again. 

The tribes are run by the eldest matriarch who takes care of all day-to-day business, and her partner; the Chieftain who takes care of the defense against the Orthós and wild beasts. Younglings are taught the ways of the jungle from a young age and watched for signs of what type of bloodline(s) they will get, afterwards they will be groomed for certain positions within the tribe.

The people of Ormáz all inhibit certain abilities, which help them survive in the unforgiving jungles. Four such bloodlines can be derived, but most of the people inhibit slight signs of at least three. The elder matriarchs sometimes see to it that two certain young people which inhibit one strong bloodline to get together, so the line does not die out. 

The islands of Ormáz could be described as a perfect island paradise at first glance, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sandy beaches, colourful flowers and animals are everywhere, at night phosphorescent plants and fungi light up deep inside the jungles. For all its beauty, nothing can be trusted. Poisonous plants, venomous creatures and carnivorous plants and animals as far as the eye can see. Now with the seafarer incursion the lands of the Ormáz are shrinking, the beaches can barely be dared for fear of capture, but neither can the deep jungles where the seafarers cannot find them. 


The Bloodlines and their positions

The stronger the bloodline, the more abilities one will manifest, but also the drawbacks. A person receives half of each parents’ bloodlines, so two parents who are very strong in one ability will most likely have a child who also inhibits the same strong ability. Most of the people have two relatively strong lines, but some have traces of all four. 


Abilities: Poison resistance, poison detection and poison immunity.

Position: Gatherers.

Drawback: Paranoia. Toxins are present in most foods and drinks, but only trace amounts. Sensing those, the Go will feel less trusting of others and most eventually stop eating or drinking anything they haven’t prepared themselves.



Abilities: Hypnotic paralysation. Locking eyes with a target, they can slow down or if strong enough, entirely paralyse a target for as long as the eye-contact is held.

Position: Hunters

Drawback: Social difficulties. Not looking someone in the eyes for fear of activating their power, which eventually leads to not looking at another person entirely. 



Abilities: Wallflower, sensing the surrounding. At first 

Position: Hunters

Drawback: Isolation. The stronger the bloodline, the more anxious the To get in groups, the hyperawareness they have overpowers their senses and eventually they start avoiding others altogether.



Abilities: Pheromone control. Fear, rebuke or to attract. 

Position: Diplomats

Drawback: Self-doubt. Whenever they talk to someone they instinctively fear they are using their powers to further their own gain, even when they do not want to use them. Eventually leading them so seek out tribes and villages with strong ties to the No bloodline. (Which has led to the founding of the Lumlum village.)


Their lands

Plants and ecosystem

The type of nature in this area is heavy rainforest. Thick jungles spread out over these volcanic islands. Long sandy beaches cover some parts of the islands, but a very common sight is a jungle stretching over a high cliff, plunging down into the water below.

Many (most) plants and trees in Ormáz territory have at least some part that is extremely poisonous. (Many are poisonous through and through) Some have developed a special anti-toxin to themselves, ex. Poisonous leaves, but the roots act as anti-venom (unless you weren´t poisoned to begin with, then you will most probably die from the same poison you were trying to hinder.)

Some of the plants have a cyclic toxicity, ex. Only poisonous during the day. But edible during night-time (or vice versa.) During night one can somtimes find luminescent plants and funghi, which can spread some light in the pitch-black dark of the deepest forests.

Water is always in ample supply, but beware, other creatures gather around the best places to gather drinkable water.

Carnivorous plants are some of the most dangerous "creatures" on the islands. Especially during night-time. Some are massive in size, and have developed sensitive strangler-vines, which are very similar to normal vines and lianas. After having pulled the victim to its central gland, it slowly absorb the nutrients from whatever creature it caught (the plant isn´t picky about its food.)



All of the animals on the island are dangerous, even the most innocent looking ones. Especially the innocent looking ones. Nearly 70% of all creatures are venomous, some poisonous or simply unedible. Many have developed an immunity to venoms or poisons of a certain kind, so their prey might not be able to kill it, while another might prey on it instead.

The large predators are some of the most vicious creatures any Ormáz has ever seen (not counting the cannibalistic Orthós.) The predators are always agile, some are very fast climbers, while others can nearly dissapear (or appear) before your very eyes due to active pigments in the skin (Chameleon-like,) a few of these can also change the texture of its skin (like an octopus.) Some animals show a high level of intelligence, even some form of advanced communication. Pinpointing the location of a certain prey to others, or warning their pack that "3 humans, 1 with a bow" is coming. Pack mentality in these creatures rival that of humans (one for all, all for one.)

Many of the animals are active at all times, while the more viscious ones are seen most during the day. The deadliest ones are naturally active only during nighttime, these are the most venomous creatures in Ormáz territory, and some are local to a certain island or area.

The only venom that can even kill a Go´h elder {that even affects one} can be seen in a certain creature during the night, which lives in only one place. A small island close to the "Colonies" (not discovered yet.)