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The Navarian Expedition

Writer: Zacharias Holmberg
Added: 12.07.18
Menidiath date: 386.15.4
Tags: Serdanos, Navaria

This story is based on the actions that occurred in a tabletop roleplaying group, which aimed to decide the fate of Navaria.



Eleniana Amaro Diere - Seran Enchantment sorceress : Played by Jo Granvik

Gastor - Treasure hunter and fortune seeker : Played by Fredrik Wesblom

Maerol Zarkan - Seran spy : Played by Niklas Buss



Astro - Expedition leader

Ironhand - Seran ex-soldier

Koro - Eleniana’s earthwalker assistant




In the year 386, almost 400 year since Navaria split into three different nations, an expedition was put together in secret. In charge of this expedition was a man named Astaro, who recruited the esteemed (although a bit strange) enchantment sorceress Eleniana Amaro Diere, and the treasure hunter Gastor. The two of them had worked together before, and as the professor Eleniana was the foremost expert on Navarian history, she was an ideal candidate. They would be joined by an ex-soldier by the name of Ironhand, for protection. 

But before the expedition could be launched, Astaro was captured by one of the seran spy houses, who had gotten wind of the plans. They “convinced” Astaro to take one of their spies along. For added protection. Having no other option, Astaro accepted, and the spy Maerol Zarkan became the last member of the group. And so, this illegal expedition ventured into the forbidden lands of Navaria.

At first they found only ruins and forgotten gravesites, venturing into temples and mausoleums that had lain untouched for ages. But soon enough they  found themselves watched, and even attacked with strange sorcery which almost seemed to alter the flow of time.

And when they ventured forth into the ruins of a city, they witnessed strange wonders as phantoms of the past came alive around them, showing a history far more living than the landscape around them. But they were attacked by Navarian monks who captured Gastor, while Eleniana and Maerol got separated as they streets caved in under them.

When Eleniana and Maerol explored the strange caverns and tunnels, they ran into strange ruins, with relics unlike anything they had ever seen before. But strange sorcery forced them to flee, getting washed out with a river. Soon after they ran into a solitary monk by the name of Denvos, who they persuaded to help them.

Together they tried to track down the other expedition members, when they found Gastor, who had come across another Seran spy who had followed them into Navaria. This spy had hinted that their expedition may have very different objectives than simple exploration.

And this spy returned after the three had found their way back to the camp were Astaro and Ironhand were waiting. In secret, she told the three that Astaro’s true goal with the expedition was to gather intel to see if a seran military occupation of Navaria was possible. Her own objective was simple - to see to it that Astaro didn’t make it back to Serdanos. After much debate, the three agreed they’d let her do her dirty work, being horrified about the hidden agenda.

So she took Astaro’s head and left. Ironhand was enraged by this, but the professor managed to calm her down, and convinced her join them as a guard instead. With Denvos help they made up a plan - to try and approach a lower member of the royal bloodline, and thus try to get an audience with someone close to the crown. So they set out towards central Navaria, after having given Astaro a decent burial.

After a long trek they came to the ruins of another city, where the person Denvos wanted them to meet was carrying out a ritual. Though a large group of monks tried to prevent them from seeing her, the group managed to get to talk to the woman, a priestess by the name of Toleanna. Their words made an impression, and she agreed to take them to the royal halls in the capital, so that they may tell their story.

And soon enough they found themselves being taken to the capital, and into the court of the Navarian Queen herself. To their horror, they found that a pair of Javenians were already present - for reasons they could only guess at. But they told their story to the Queen. They told of the world outside and of the plot they uncovered and foiled. But the queen gazed into their hearts. Though the professor’s genuine reverence for Navaria’s ancient history surprised her, she also saw that Gastor was little more than a grave robber, and that Maerol Zarkan had several lifetimes worth of dark deeds in his past. Even worse, she saw that Ironhand had been in on Astaro’s plot from the start, and had hoped to be able to continue his work to reap the reward.

Yet, the Queen decided that they would be given a chance - a small retinue of Navarians would follow them back to Serdanos, to return later and tell of the world with their own words. Ironhand would not be leaving.

So the three of them prepared for the journey back together with their Navarian followers - Denvos being one among them. But on the journey back they were attacked by the same Javenians who they had seen in the court. A fierce battle left one of the Navarians dead, and Denvos severely maimed. Eleniana’s beloved assistant Koro had also sacrificed his life to save his mistress.

On the path back home, the three decided they must shed light on this conspiracy which surely was a plot from one of the ruling houses to increase their power. So before they made their way to the Seran Senate, they stayed at Eleniana’s mansion to make up a plan and prepare. But soon enough it could not be put off any longer, and they made their way to the capital

In the Senate, they told their story about the expedition and about the secret plot. But when it finally mattered, Eleniana failed to mention those behind the plot, as she had been manipulated by the Speaker of the Senate in secret. Gastor in turn made a secret promise to a contact to return to Navaria to fetch relics in exchange for coins. Maerol, when challenged, agreed to share secrets to his house. And as they watched the Senate session end, they realised that though the plot had been foiled, the idea of a military incursion now was an official alternative.

That was when they suddenly found themselves back in the Navarian throne room with the queen. The entire journey home had been but an illusion. A test of character. In shame, they bowed, realising they too had turned their back on this nation. One by one, they vowed never to return to Serdanos, unwilling to get caught up in the plot.

But the Queen, though bitterly angry at Gastor and Maerol, realised that the world could not be held at bay forever. Things were changing in the world. So they must abandon their reclusive ways, and venture out. Gastor and Maerol were banished, never allowed to return. But Eleniana was offered a new life there, as an advisor and honorary historian. 

And so, a retinue of monks and scholars were sent to Serdanos, to tell of Navaria and their lost Goddess. To reach out and offer a careful, friendly hand. The only way to truly honour their lost Goddess was to live on, and tell her story.

Eleniana stayed in Navaria, learning their ways and traditions. The sudden loss of one of Serdanos’ few enchantment sorcerers came to have large consequences, but she would never know. As for Gastor and Maerol, they ventured southwards - and what became of them is a different story.