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Welcome to the library! This is the repository for all material produced for Project Menidi'ath. Fictional texts, cultural information, historical texts and similar can be found under "Written fiction", and comics, concept art, photos, music and wallpapers can be found under their respective cathegories. Under "LARPs" you can find archived information about LARPs that have been arranged in relation to the project.

Though the site is officially in english, some of the material here is in swedish - this is because there is no language restriction on user-produced content. In time, non-english content will be translated, but that will be carried out in order of content priority. If you have content you wish to have published in the library, your best way is to go via the Serenai development forum.

If you have suggestions, find an error, or have a question about something, do not hesitate to get in touch!

Latest additions

The Navarian ExpeditionZacharias Holmberg12.07.18
Synopsis: A short summary of the story about the expedition that ventured into Navaria and resulted in the opening of the long lost nation
Akropa and the OuqurLudwig Sandbacka03.05.18
Synopsis: A short story about a meeting between the Akropa and the Ouqur
OuqurSandra Holmqvist, Ludwig Sandbacka03.05.18
Synopsis: A poem inspired by the Ouqur (Swe & Eng)

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Involuntary refugee

"The ancestors must have granted me this weather." thought the prisoner. Nobody, animal or man could see me sneak about if I could only get out.

He was sitting inside a cage of sturdy wood, looking a bit like a rib-cage he thought to himself the first time he laid eyes on the damned thing. Now he wanted to forget how it looked, felt, smelt.

"Aha! Guard is doing his rounds, maybe I can..."

The guard was walking slowly across the path lined with cages, but because of the rain, it had moved a slight bit closer to his spot. The guard would turn right after this, he knew.

Slosh, slosh. Heavy booted feet stomped away in the mud. "I hope my arm is long enough."

He reached out just as the guard wen...

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