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Welcome to the library! This is the repository for all material produced for Project Menidi'ath. Fictional texts, cultural information, historical texts and similar can be found under "Written fiction", and comics, concept art, photos, music and wallpapers can be found under their respective cathegories. Under "LARPs" you can find archived information about LARPs that have been arranged in relation to the project.

Though the site is officially in english, some of the material here is in swedish - this is because there is no language restriction on user-produced content. In time, non-english content will be translated, but that will be carried out in order of content priority. If you have content you wish to have published in the library, your best way is to go via the Serenai development forum.

If you have suggestions, find an error, or have a question about something, do not hesitate to get in touch!

Latest additions

Brenna of the MountainbornIrene Oliver Puerta01.02.17
Synopsis: A story about a young herbalist finding her place in the world
Into the Valley´s graspTorbjörn Anderssén01.02.17
Synopsis: A story about a Rakkhari soldier sentenced to live out his days in the Valley of Forgetfulness
Akropan ShieldsistersSandra Holmqvist01.02.17
Synopsis: A marching chant, used among the Akropan Shieldsister Blood

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A Strange Homecoming Part II

My brother’s rule has taken on frightening proportions. Evidently, after only three months, he has already done serious damage to the economy of Gabbar’dan. What’s even more frightening, he doesn’t seem to be aware of the damage he causes. The building projects and the many garden projects he has started are now underway. Workforce are called for throughout the entire province. Yesterday, I found out the awful truth about how Caldoroana intends to fund all these investments. My spies suggest that he has had some rich men in the city falsely accused and sent to The Skull, merely to be able to claim their estates and wealth. If this is indeed true, he has been lead into doing it with the aid of others. I believe Cierókene has her plans about leading him onward. She seems to be around him at all times, and has to know what is going on. He seems very fond of her. Still, I believe, everyone but him sees how great an influence she has on him. 

However, even with all th...

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