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Welcome to the library! This is the repository for all material produced for Project Menidiath. Fictional texts, cultural information, historical texts and similar can be found under "Written fiction", and comics, concept art, photos, music and wallpapers can be found under their respective cathegories. Under "LARPs" you can find archived information about LARPs that have been arranged in relation to the project.

Though the site is officially in english, some of the material here is in swedish - this is because there is no language restriction on user-produced content. In time, non-english content will be translated, but that will be carried out in order of content priority. If you have content you wish to have published in the library, your best way is to go via the Collaboration section.

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Latest additions

The OrmázErik Sjöberg03.12.18
Synopsis: A more detailed text about the Ormáz and their islands
Ranek - Part IZacharias Holmberg28.11.18
Synopsis: A story about a lenorian smuggler
Serdanos culture textZacharias Holmberg27.11.18
Synopsis: A more detailed text about the Serans

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Crossing Borders


“Orlisto, keep it down”, Voroal said, walking in front of them. 
“I didn’t say anything”, Orlisto protested.
“T’was only his stomach”, Feláriz replied.
“Please lower your voices, all of you. You’re drawing attention to us!” Karthyas told them, feeling his heart beginning to beat although there was no visible danger nearby. Voroal turned around, gave him a somewhat pejorative smile and shook his head.
“Easy, young one”, he said, “the only things makin’ sounds out here are the pouring rain and Orlisto’s belly, especially when he’s had as much to drink as tonight.”
“Very funny”, Orlisto replied. “I wasn’t the only one with round feet when we left the tavern, remember?”
“Yeah, yeah… but we’re close now. T’s time to keep a lid one who we are and what we’re doin’&rdq...

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