Where sorcery comes from

In essence, most sorcery is bound to the people genetically, meaning that it spreads through bloodlines. The frequency with which the powers appear varies a lot, but oftentimes several generations can pass without it becoming apparent. There are of course exceptions to this rule, for example the Javenian Soul sorcery, which appears at random and very infrequently.

No matter the case, unless gifted these abilities from some more powerful source, the type of sorcery that people can wield is decided from birth. But the abilities do not show up until the time of puberty, when they slowly start to develop.

At the start, powers are extremely basic and require a lot of effort to control. But as you grow and practice, the effort required lessens. The abilities that you develop with time depends on the way you use the skills that you have. For example, a Force sorcerer who focuses his/her abilities to control warmth and cold would learn to do it with greater accuracy and versatility, whereas one who focuses on shaping matter would learn how to sculpt and control materials with greater and greater ease.

How it affects the people

As sorcery abilities are tied to you genetically they have some side effects, which can vary depending on the type of sorcery. Usually these side effect start showing up only after several generations, as the changes happen gradually once sorcery is introduced into a bloodline.

One of the most common effects is that the parts of the body that never stop growing (ears, nose) change appearance. For example, the pointy ears of the Serans, Navarian and Javenians. But there are more complex effects as well, such as the way Javenians die early due to the powers burning them out.

The way sorcery abilities are treated differs a lot culturally, as can be expected. Cultures such as the Lenorians and the Serans have skilled sorcerers teaching younger people with the skill, while the Javenians have people take on specific jobs according to what skills they have and should develop. Meanwhile, sorcerers in the Rakkhari commonwealth are treated in very different ways. The force sorcerers of Ulav Nod and Gabbardan are honoured, while the Memory sorcerers from Fal Narn are hunted systematically.

Using sorcery

Every sorcerer, no matter which abilities they wield, are dependant on a supernatural force, that grows weaker every time abilities are channeled. As sorcerers grow more experienced, they tap into this force with greater and greater efficiency.

Using abilities can be a very tumultuous experience, as many types of sorcery tapps into a vast, otherworldly knowledge that makes it possible to achieve the desired effect. A potent life sorcerer could feel every part of the human body working at once, but could probably never put that massive flow of knowledge into words that others could understand. But the use can also be quite a rush, almost ecstatic (or painful) in some cases..

Usually, the effects are instant, and invisible to the naked eye. But for example healing requires a little bit of time for the body to do its work, or to reshape matter, while for example Light and Vision sorcery are very much visible.