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As Menidiath is a completely different planet than ours, it is only natural that the animal world is very different. Many of the animals have been deliberately evolved by the Keepers, to serve as experiments, whereas others are accidental offshoots to planned species.

One of the main differences between earth (Telloniath) and Menidiath is that the evolutionary branch which resulted in ordinary reptiles and birds is completely missing, chainging the different ecological systems in the world quite a lot.

Another major difference is the existence of other animal classes, that are built and function very differently from what we are used to. In time, you will find a list of these other classifications of animals below.

This class of animals is an extremely broad one, but they all share one mode of reproduction. Instead of reproducing by coupling, these animals spew up a substance of genetic material, which mixes with the substance of others in their species. In time, this sludge spawns offspring with a great genetic diversity. Since this gives them a biological advantage over other animals with less genetic variance, these animals are the most widespread on Menidiath, next to invertabrae.

This class of animals is an early offshoot from the arthropod/insect phylum. As such, they bear a resemblance to insects, but are capable of growing far larger. They are, however, a phylum that are slowly going extinct.