This is the Beginner's guide, where you can find a simple intro to this whole setting. While it's only a beginning, it's where you will find a summary of what this setting is about. So let's get to it!


This is Ambra, a small part of the world Menidiath. Our focus lies on the northwestern parts, as well as on a number of small colonies throughout the world. It is a continent filled with sleeping remnants of lost cultures, and strange structures left behind from when the Gods fled the world hundreds of years ago.


So who lives on Ambra? Welll, there is a wealth of cultures to talk about, but on this website we will focus on six of them - all neighbors with a very complicated relationship.

The Serans

First and foremost we have the Serans - scientist, politicians and scholars. A strict and formal people who try to find truth among the star as much as in their laboratories.

The Lenorians

Then we have their southern allies - the Lenorians. A far more rough and rowdy people, but they certainly know how to trow a feast. As curious explorers, their colonies are spreading further and further through the world.

The Javenians

And to the east we have the hedonistic and fanatical Javenians, a people of dazzling sorcery and delirious pleasures. Little by little they are expanding their nation and faith, much to the frustration of their Seran brothers and sisters (who the Javenians see as a bunch of stuffy bores).

The Navarians

Squished inbetween the Serans and the Javenians are the Navarians, where all three have their origin. A people that once lived in the light of a divine queen, but now are a shadow of their former self, trying to keep a dying memory alive.

The Mountainborn

Then, in the southern borderlands of Lenori, we have the Mountainborn, a harmonious and easygoing people who commune with a living mountain. Like their Lenorian brethren, they are quick to celebrate the good things in life, though perhaps in a more innocent way.

The Norni

And lastly, south of Lenori we have the Norni, the nation from which the Lenorians liberated themselves long ago. Once a strong, proud nation, they are now little more than a gathering of bloodlines hell-bent on beating each other down into the mud.


14 years ago, the Norni were attacked by The Rakkhari Commonwealth, their powerful neighbor to the south. This resulted in a long, gruesome war that only ended when some powerful Norni families betrayed the crown, siding with the Rakkhari in exchange for being given the crown.

This led to the Rakkhari venturing further north to invade Lenori, who were quickly sent aid by their allies, the Serans. While the Rakkhari had the advantage in numbers, the Lenorian-Seran forces had the massive advantage of knowing how to fight in the thick forests of Lenori. The war quickly turned into a stalemate, until the Javenians entered the war from the east. The Rakkhari could not handle the sorcery that the Javenians wielded and suddenly found themselves at a severe disadvantage. Following several setbacks, they agreed to a peace treaty and retreated all troops from Lenori.

Thus followed a few years of uneasy peace, though Norn was still occupied and ruled by traitors. During this time, the lost Kingdom of Navaria ended its long seclusion and reached out to the Serans for support. Little did they know that this would anger the Javenians severely. Less than two years after the peace was settled, the Javenians sent a soldier from their Oblivion battalion to the capital on the Rakkhari Commonwealth. In a single moment, the city was consumed by a massive fireball. The Rakkhari crusade against all gods was now at war with the mad faith of Javenna.

And that is where we are now, in the early part of the year 388. As Javenna is mounting an effort to break the Rakkhari Commonwealth, the world deals with the aftershocks of the unfathomable deed the Javenians carried out. But life goes on, and other events continue to unfold every day.


So where do you go from here? Well, you have two main options that we recommend:

You can pick a culture to read more about, if one of the previous ones caught your attention. On the culture pages you'll find information, concept art, fiction and more.

Or you can go to the stories section, where different stories from the perspective of characters from the different cultures are told.

Investigator Alena

As the only unwed child in a minor noble family, Alena is something of a stubborn black sheep, uninterested in furthering family ambitions. Instead, her interests lie in the burgeoning sciences and research that is growing ever more important in Serdanos. Little does she know that her sister's wedding will open her eyes to an entirely new way to use her knowledge. Detective stories by way of fantasy.
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Denvos of Navaria

A wayward monk from a dying Queendom, Denvos is more than a fish out of water. As one of the very first people to step out of the lost nation Navaria and into the world beyond, he has a great deal to learn about how the world works. Good intentions and kindness are not always enough. Together with his fellow monk Inella and the Seran lieutenant Ementhaso he ventures into Lenori, which will prove to be a far different place from both Navaria and Serdanos.
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Gretch of the Mountainborn

A Mountainborn axe-for-hire with a thundering laugh and a great taste for men (and women too, sometimes). Gretch is strong as an ox, resourceful where it counts and fiercely loyal to those he loves. But he is also consumed by a bitterness over past injustices and has strayed far from the heritage of his own people. Growing more and more willing to use dirty tricks to get what he wants, he he now risks dragging his close friend down as well.
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Wraithhunter Ilieva

A hunter of foul things from a family of outcasts. While the nation of Norn crumbles around her Ilieva desperately tries to do good wherever she can, as the dark events around her give birth to more and more terrible creatures. Violence only begets more violence, but how far can she go before she herself breaks?
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Jesserith the Lost

A woman wakes up lost in the woods with barely any recollection of where, who or even what she is. Little by little she must puzzle together what has happened, who she is, and ultimately, what happens next. A story about identity and how you fit into society.
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Ranek the Smuggler

Eternally caught between a rock and a hard place, Ranek is not one to shy away from dirty deeds. And though he may not like to admit it, he's sacrificed the well-being of others more than once to save his own hide. But as he sinks deeper and deeper into the morass of exploitation and treachery that is eastern Lenori, he is forced to start asking himself how far he can go before there is nothing left worth saving.
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But you can of course just browse around the website as you please, to look at the hundreds of works of art in the library or read the many works that people have written for the setting. Or simply head to the contribution section, to see how you too can be a part of this world.

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Whatever you choose, welcome to Menidiath!