Hello, and welcome. I am High Keeper Ruun, Master Archiver of the Starlight Union and one of the few Keepers that remain on Menidi'ath. What is a Keeper you ask? Well... all in due time. Let us start at the beginning, shall we?


In our universe exists a vast group called The Starlight Union - a gathering of hundreds of advanced species brought together by science and the desire to unlock life's mysteries.

To that end, we create worlds that suit our experiments and by rewriting the very laws or reality we can shape these worlds and their inhabitants according to our needs.

I myself was stationed on Menidi'ath, a rather old world, together with many other Keepers - those in charge of taking care of the worlds and overseeing experiments. Everything was progressing according to plan, until one day when a massive cataclysm tore through the entire galaxy. Suddenly we were cut off from all communications, unable to use our gateways home. We were stranded, lost in space and time.

Things went from bad to worse when conflicts arose between the Keepers, and when it became clear that help was not coming plans were put in motion. Mistakes were made.

It all culminated in disaster when an ordinary human got hold of Keeper instruments and killed our Supreme Keeper. Suddenly I and the other Keepers had to flee for our lives from this mad human who had used the Supreme Keeper's instruments to become borderline immortal. We were unable to stop him, and had to hide in dimensions beyond the physical world.

Menidi'ath was thrown into disarray, and with no Keepers to look after it the world would start to fall apart...


But that is a story for another time, so let us talk about the world a bit instead. Menidi'ath is vast, and even I do not know all it's secrets. So for the moment, let us focus on Ambra, a continent where many culture are colliding and tensions are high after the end of a war.

Ambra, as much of the rest of the world, is filled with ruins and relics left behind by both Keepers and inhabitants who have long since passed into the mists of time. Many different cultures have made their home here.

The is the adventurous Lenorians, that are venturing the oceans in exploration, and their kinfolk, the Mountainborn who follow the teachings of their living mountain. Both are striving hard to unite with their old rivals, the Norni, a nation of old, powerful families and feuds who are under occupation by their enemies.

Their neighbors, the Serans, who are deeply scientific and political and att odds with the rivals, the Javenians - a people born with sorcery who worship strange deities...

And in the south of Ambra there is the Rakkhari commonwealth, led by the Rakkhari, a people sworn to eradicate all forms of worship from the world. They are allied with the Hineans, savy merchants and defenders of morality, as well as the Gabbardani, a political people of old traditions and secret societies.

And even further to the south, there is the Akropa, a savage people of cannibalistic warror women who fight to cleanse their land of strange abominations...

Of course, these are only a few, but it is more than enough to start with...


As you can easily guess, such different cultures can find themselves having a hard time getting along. In recent years, the Rakkhari invaded both the Norni and the Lenorians in their quest to rid the world of God-worship.

Soon enough, the Serans joined the war against the Rakkhari, bringing the war to a stalemate. But when the Javenians entered the war as well, the Rakkhari were quickly finding themselves on the losing side of the war. However, the leader of the Rakkhari nation was soon found dead, and the new leader was quick to negotiate a truce so that peace could finally be settled.

But though peace was brought about, wounds do not heal quickly. The small nation of Lenori was freed, but is now becoming more and more of a political and religious battleground for the old rivals Serdanos and Javenna. The Rakkhari nation is not faring any better, with growing political turmoil and unstability in all corners of the realm.

And what few realize is that with every day, the world grows ever so slightly more unstable, as rifts and faults in the weave of reality are emerging...

Recently, a world-shaking event took place, known to the people as the Day of Burning skies. Something failed in a catastrophic way, causing the Keeper technology that envelops the planet to become visible. This sent shockwaves through the cultures of Menidi'ath, as the world was suddenly surrounded by gigantic structures, that none of them understand...

But even though things may sound dire, it is also an age of discovery and wonder. Despite conflicts and turmoil there is great hope that these humans, no matter how small they are, may still grow to become worthy inheritors of the world we lost. I have faith in them.

With that said, I leave you for this time, but we shall surely speak again. Go now, and delve into the world with my blessing.