This section will give an overview of the larger events that have occurred in the history of the human and non-human cultures. Note that this list is from the perspective of the inhabitants, and does not contain Keeper-related events. This section will be continually updated as the project develops.

Year 438 b.R. - Arrival of the old tribes in Jeccero

A great migration takes place, as several large tribes arrive on the continent, where they put establish the foundations of what will one day be the provinces of the Rakkhari realm.

Year 50 b.R. - Arrival of the roundears in Jeccero

The ordori, the norni and the people of the plains arrive on the western shores, after fleeing a great disaster on the other side of the oceans. Old conflicts quickly give rise to tensions, and they establish the foundations of the nations Norn and Orthora, while the people of the plains wander eastwards.

Year 0 - The lenorian rebellion

The duchy of Lenori rebels in the nation of Norn, forming its own nation. They are supported by beings who claim to be gods, who move both mountains and seas to cut off the southern part of the continent, isolating Lenori beyond a mountain range.

Year 0 - Rakkath Godslayer

The Godslayer Rakkath kills the godhead, and starts his hunt for the gods, passing over into the gods' own realm. The Orthora nation becomes the Rakkhari nation and begins its own crusade against the gods and their followers.

Year 1 a.R. - The goddess of Navaria and the gods in Lenori disappear

In the northern nation Navaria, society is dealt a crippling blow when their queen goddess disappears without a trace. The gods in Lenori leave their people as well, commanding the people to follow their teachings in their absence.

Year 1 a.R. - Founding of Javenna

Following the disappearance of their queen godess, a large group of Navarians leave their homes and travel into the east. Here they come upon a strange being, which grants them power beyond their dreams. They take on the name Javenians, and found their own nation, swearing allegiance to a new pantheon of gods. A delegation is sent back to Navaria, to convince as many as possible to join the Navarians in a brighter future, but this delegation is met with disdain and suspicion.

Year 1 a.R. - Founding of Serdanos

Following the arrival of the Javenian delegation in Navaria another large group of navarians, consisting mostly of politicians, scientists and other members of high society decide to depart with their families from the crumbling Navaria and journey to the west. Here they settle and found the nation of Serdanos.

Year 2 a.R. - The people of the plains join the Rakkhari realm

Following a brief struggle, the Rakkhari ally with the people of the plains. Though the people of the plains do not join the Rakkhari crusade, they vow to aid them in defending their common lands against outsiders.

Year 20 a.R. - The Dalari join the Rakkhari

The Dalari people ally with the Rakkhari, vowing to fight alongside them in the crusade against the gods. This marks the true beginning of the Rakkhari commonwealth.

Year 46 a.R. - Javenna grows

The javenians encounter a hitherto unknown people who migrate across the northern ices. This people, the selamandeshi, soon join the javenian nation, and are given the same powers.

Year 51 a.R. - Gabbardan is occupied

The Rakkhari and the Dalari attack their shared neighbor and occupy their land. The province of Gabbardan is annexed to the Rakkhari commonwealth.

Year 87 a.R. - The Rakkhari make a strange ally

An odd being appears in the Rakkhari capital and offers to ally with the crusade. The Rakkhari agree, and are granted dominion over plague sorcery, as well as other gifts.

Year 113 a.R. - Javenna grows

The javenians encounted a group from the people of the plains who have traveled far from their home lands.These are soon enthralled by the mystical gifts that the javenians display, and are converted into the javenian faith, becoming part of the nation.

Year 132 a.R. - Fal narn is occupied

The Rakkhari crusade continues, attacking further south. This time they employ their plague sorcery with devastating effect, and the royal family which governed Fal narn are forced to surrender to spare their nation. The province Fal narn is annexed to the Rakkhari commonwealth.

Year 148 a.R. - The first Javenian war. Extinction of the Thundra goliaths

The javenian nation enters its first war, clashing with the goliats of the northern thundras. These goliats are considered a threat to the javenian nation, and are completely wiped out.

Year 197 a.R. - Ulav nod joins the Rakkhari realm

The ulavi ally with the Rakkhari and become a part of the crusade. The province Ulav nod is annexed to the Rakkhari commonwealth. This sparks a conflict with the trokians, who were part of the same tribe as the ulavi and consider this act a betrayal.

Year 256 a.R. - Rak al Hina joins the Rakkhari realm

Due to mounting pressure, the hineans ally with the Rakkhari, and the province Rak al Hina is annexed to the commonwealth.

Year 263 a.R. - Second javenian war. Extinction of the nomad tribes of the thunderplains

The javenian nation grows, and yet more succumb to their wrath, as the nomad tribes of the thunderplains refuse to join the javenian faith. They are quickly wiped out.

Year 279 a.R. - Yak trok is occupied

After a hard-fought war, the trokians are subdued and their lands are occupied by the Rakkhari. The province Yak trok is annexed to the Rakkhari commonwealth, but much resistance remains in the region.

Year 288 a.R. - Javenna grows, Yadesh

The yadeshi swampfolk join the javenian nation, abandoning their old ways in favor of the new faith.

Year 332 a.R. - Där inga stjärnor glimrar

The LARP Där inga stjärnor glimrar (Where no stars glimmer) takes place.

Year 359 a.R. - Javenna makes contact with the west

After having mostly kept their borders closed and their affairs secret, Javenians finally venture into their western neighbor Lenori, seeking to open diplomatic contact as well as trading routes.Though seran diplomats advise against it, Lenori welcomes the javenians.

Year 374 a.R. - Rakkhari-norni war starts

A long hostility finally leads to outright war, when the Rakkhari crusade clashes with the nation Norn. The war is bloody and bitter.

Year 379 a.R. - Peace

Norn finally succumbs, when a few higher-ranking families betray the crown in exchange for status. This gives the Rakkhari enough of an advantage to finally break their old enemy.

Year 379 a.R. - Ochri Drömsångare

The LARP Ochri Drömsångare (Ochri Dreamsinger) takes place.

Year 381 a.R. - Rakkhari-lenorian war starts

During the aftermath of the war with the norni the Rakkhari discover information about the lost duchy Lenori in the north, beyond the mountains. They begin the work of pushing through the mountains by using gabbardani earth sorcerers, and once they break through, the invasion of Lenori commences.

Year 381 a.R. - Serdanos enters the Rakkhari-Lenorian war.

Soon after the Rakkhari crusade invades Lenori, forces from the Seran silver army come to the lenorians' aid. Together they push back the invasion.

Year 384 a.R. - Second invasion

After outmanouvering the Lenorian-Seran forces, the Rakkhari crusade enters Lenori once more, this time advancing deep into the country.

Year 384 a.R. - Skymningstimmen

The LARP Skymningstimmen (Twilight hour) takes place.

Year 386 month 6 a.R. - The red plague is set loose.

In an effort to advance the stagnating invasion, the Rakkhari unleashes the red plague in Lenori.

Year 386 month 9 day 16 a.R. - Innan natten faller

The LARP Innan natten faller (Before nightfall) takes place.

Year 386 month 9 day 17 a.R. - Bland hökar, dundror och bjurgar

The LARP Bland hökar, dundror och bjurgar (Among hawks, dundras and bjurgs) takes place.

Year 386 month 9 day 20 a.R. - Javenna enters the Rakkhari-Lenorian war.

The Javenian havoc battalion enter Lenori from the east, quickly pushing back the Rakkhari forces. They liberate one of the largest cities in eastern lenori, and use that as a foothold. This marks a turning point in the war, as the Rakkhari crusade soon find themselves stretched too thin.

Year 386 month 9 day 20 a.R. - Känslobesvärjaren är far till alla barnen

The LARP Känslobesvärjaren är far till alla barnen (The emotion sorcerer is the father of all the children) takes place.

Year 386 month 10 day 4 a.R. - The day of burning skies

Catastrophe strikes, and the very skies tremble. During a few minutes it seems as if the world is ending, and when everything calms down, two massive structures fill the skies Click here to read a witness' account

Year 386 month 11 day 2 a.R. - Yak trok breaks free

A large rebellion rises in the province of Yak Trok, and the province breaks free of the Rakkhari occupation. At the same time, unrest in both Rak al Hina and Gabbardan brings great instability throughout the Rakkhari commonwealth.

Year 386 month 12 day 5 a.R. - The Rakkhari Arch Commander dies

Things come to a head as the Rakkhari Arch Commander dies in his sleep at old age.

Year 386 month 12 day 8 a.R. - The new Rakkhari Arch Commander is sworn in

As a successor to the throne of the Arch Commander, the Rakkhari choose the Warmaster who led the war effort in Norn and Lenori. He is quick to execute great changes, and bans the use of plague sorcery. As a result, the being who had been a longtime ally to the Rakkhari revoked the blessings that it had once given. Suddenly, the Rakkhari themselves were vulnerable to the red plague.

Year 386 month 13 day 28 a.R. - Peace

Peace is settled between the Rakkhari realm and the northern coalition of Lenori, Serdanos and Javenna.

Year 387 a.R. - First contact with the Zaga Mora