Travelers, seekers and keeepers of secrets. The Riverfolk are a varied and colorful people, slowly spreading across the continent. To most they are simply nomads, strangers that harbor outcasts and criminals. Few would guess that these riverfaring wanderers are actually collectors of knowledge, keepers of secrets and carriers of the secret ember. But that they are, and so much more.
Their roots trace back to old Javenna, when a group of Yadeshi fled into the wilderness. Pressured to destroy all their old knowledge and stories, they chose instead to flee southwards. After a long trek they settled down again, putting down the foundations of a city. They vowed to never allow their heritage to be destroyed. Knowledge must be held sacred. And the secret ember - the javenian sorcery they still carried - must be kept hidden.

They are a people that have grown largely due to accepting anyone that wishes to travel alongside them. There are a lot of lost strays in the world, and they all have something to share. This sharing is also how they deal with outsiders. Anyone is welcome to their camps and will be treated to food and drink. As long as they share some rumors or other knowledge, that is. If this knowledge seems important enough, it is written down and sent with bats far, far away. Back home.

Though they've spread far and wide, the Riverfolk all have their common home in the labyrinth swamps, far in the southwest of Ambra. As it name suggests, it is a maze of rivers and passages impossible to navigate for everyone except those initiated into its secrets. Deep inside this swamp lies the great tree, around which lies the secret city, where everything the Riverfolk have ever collected is gathered.

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The trek through along the river had been rough and long, his satchel having chafed at his shoulders for half a day aleady. Mountainborn or not, a rough tough trek was a tough trek. But finally he could hear the sounds of laughter and chatter further downstream, the destination of his journey.

When he came to a bend in the river, he could see the small encampment, half built on rafts tied to the riverbank. A handful of people were gathered around a fire, eating and chatting while some children were chasing each other among the trees. As he approached, he saw that they noticed him, so he raised his hand in greeting.

"Brech!" one of the young men shouted as his jumped to his feet "We've been waiting!"
"Well, Yalar, you could have made camp a bit closer!" Brech shouted back with a tired laugh.

Yalar ran to meet him, relieving him of his heavy satchel, and together they made their way to the fire. With happy greetings, Brech quickly got food and drink in his hands, while Yalar put down the satchel and rummaged through it. With a satisfied "Aha!" he took out a folded paper, sealed with wax.

"Is this it?" he asked Brech, who nodded, his mouth stuffed with food. "Great! Come on, I'll send it off immidiately-" he said, motioning Brech to join him.

They made their way to a small, primitive hut made from scavenged branches and wood. An excited chirping could be heard from within. Yalar went inside, muttered something in their own tongue, and came back out with a large, reddish-brown bat perched on his arm. A small pack was attached to it, and Yalar put the piece of folded paper inside.

"Old Brownbelly here will get it home safe and sound, for sure."

Brech looked at the big bat, it's wet brown eyes sleepy, yet strangely wise. Yalar gave it a small piece of fruit, before he raised his arm.

"Home, brownbelly!" he commanded, and immidiately the ball of fur folded its great wings and took to the skies. They watched as it flapped up over the trees and away to the east.

"A little bit more knowledge saved" Yalar said with a smile and a wink.