Worshippers of the living mountain, singers of the soulsong and seekers of harmony. The Moutainborn may seem like a rather small and simple people, but that's far from the truth. A long time ago, they came upon a living mountain, which granted them the gift of the soulsong and a new home inside its dwindling, everchanging halls. The mountain also taught them to value and always seek harmony with the world around them. Where many others value strength, honor and courage, the mountainborn place value on cooperation, community, loyalty and patience. No one is left to fend for themselves, and family extends far beyond simple blood. Although the mountainborn keep mostly to themselves, they extend courteous hospitality to everyone who needs it - as long as they do not seem to be dangerous or violent.

Though most of them live in and around the living mountain, many of them also travel out into the world in small camps, living nomadic lives. But no matter how far away they stray, everyone ventures back to the mountain sooner or later.

The soulsong, for many the defining trait of the Mountainborn, is a small melody tied to the very essence of their being. Humming or signing this wordless melody is like a soothing balm not only for the singer, but for those who hear it as well. Humming this song underground will also give the singer an innate knowledge of the surroundings, even if there is no light.

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Time no longer held any meaning to her. Step by step, she had been climbing the ancient stairs for what seemed like an eternity. With only a small lantern and the subtle rumbling of the mountain around her, she slowly made her way upward through the dark. Few were given the honor of making this journey to the top of the mountain, and no one knew for sure exactly what the mountain wanted to show those that is chose. The mountain's secrets were the mountain's to keep.

Suddenly, she saw a hint of light ahead, and she felt fresh air rush into the passage. With new energy she rushed ahead, eager to see the light of day again. The sight that met her when she finally emerged from the darkness, however, were far more grand than she could have anticipated. Before her lay the whole world, bathed in brilliant sunlight. Dark, heavy rainclouds were slowly rolling away as the sun sparkled in the dew they left behind. In the distance she could see the camps around the mountain, and far, far away she thought she could even see Lenorian cities, infinitely small. In the skies above the heavenly bridges stretched out, racing across the world. It was too much, too beautiful. She had to let it all out, in the only way she know how. So she spread her arms and sang.

And the winds carried her song out into the world.