So, you wish to find out more about participation and collaboration in the project? In essence it is very simple: if you create you are welcome, no matter which medium you work with.

In the past the collaborative part of the project encompassed the whole world. But now, we've slimmed down that focus to a handful of cultures to make things easier to get to know. See the culture page for more information.

Thus far, team members have contributed with drawings, paintings, music, short stories, poems, jewelry, outfits and much more. But there are many other ways you can participate in! Below are just some suggestions on how to participate.


Characters: Make up your own character! Just pick one of the cultures, read up a little bit and let your imagination run free. Maybe you could imagine yourself in one of the cultures?

Short stories: If you find an interesting character, perhaps you can write a short story or two about them? Perhaps a day in the life of this character, or their perspective of some bigger event?

Codex entries: In the library you can find animals, flora, unnatural creatures and disease. You could make up your own to be included for others to use!

Your own part of Menidiath: If you are feeling ambitious, maybe you could even take on a city, village or other place of your own? Just pick a culture and start imagining!


Character art: Imagine a character from one of the cultures and make a portrait! Perhaps they have a pet? Some object they hold dear, or a favorite place?

Illustration of short stories: If you are not a writer yourself, maybe you might find inspiration in some of the stories on this site?

Interpretations: All the material on this site is simply one interpretation. Maybe you imagine things a bit differently? How do the cultures look in your head?

Website graphics This website uses a lot of visual material - maybe you feel like you want to make alternatives for buttons or illustrations?


Costuming: An advanced project, but with awesome results. Perhaps part of an outfit based on one of the cultures, or even a whole costume?

Objects and relics: Using the cultures as inspiration, maybe you could make jewelry or decorative objects?


Atmospheric music: Perhaps you could make a piece of music that captures the mood of a culture or a place?

Cultural songs: Feel like writing a simple song? Something that the lenorians would sing at sea, or the serans would hum by the fireplace at night?


LARP: Need a setting for a larp? You're free to use this one! As the project goes on, larp scripts that can be run will also be published.

As stated, these are only examples and you should in no way feel limited to these forms of expression. At all times, you can get in touch with the proejct leads for questions, ideas, support and more information. Ready to start creating? Check out the inspiration mixer for ideas!

Who owns the work?

Anything that participants produce for the project is owned by them and them alone. Of course, we want to display their works on this website as part of the community and the setting. If, in the future, the project would release some kind of publication or commerical product, your work would not be used without your explicit consent.

Some of the team

Here you can see some of the most active members and contributors of the team - perhaps potential collaborators?