So, you wish to find out more about participation and collaboration in the project? In essence it is very simple: if you create, you are welcome, no matter which medium you work with.

So far, participants have contributed with drawings, paintings, music, short stories, poems, jewelry, outfits and much more. But there are many other ways you can participate in, such as scripts for radio plays, short movies or theater plays, recordings of stories read aloud, recipes, crafts of different kinds... No matter what you are inspired to create, we want to see it!


If you are looking for ideas, you can simply browse the website and see what you come up with. But you can also use the new inspiration mixer page, where the website mixes two or three elements at random that you can use as a basis for your ideas.

There are two ways you can work in the project: interpretation and expansion. What this means is that you can either use something that is already on the website and make your own interpretation of it, illustrate it, or remake it in a different medium - or you can expand the world, suggesting new elements, stories and places.
You even have the option of having a place in the world be your own to develop (sort of like fantasy real estate), such as a village, town, forest or similar. Remember however that new content might need a slight bit of editing to be able to be considered canon. But don't let that stop you from letting your imagination run wild!


This is where you work your magic that only you can do!


When your work is done, you can mail it to us. In what form depends on what it is that you have created: a digital painting is more straightforwards than for example a piece of clothing. But you should choose the method that best presents your work.

You can send your work to zacharias.b.holmberg at gmail.


What happens next is that you will receive a grateful mail confirming your submission. We publish your work on the website (crediting you of course), but we do not use your work in any other way without your expressed permission. You retain all ownership right and copyright, and in the event of publishing material related to the project we will contact you specifically.
You can of course choose to donate your work to the project, in which case we will take good care of it. But it is by no means a requirement.

If you have questions, feel free to get in touch via zacharias.b.holmberg at gmail. Happy creating!