The Blind Wolf: Last Call

The tavern. The taproom. The pub. The café. The tea house. They’ve existed for about as long as settled human civilization has, in one form or another. A place where one can sit down, face to face, and spend time together in that special way that is possible only with a warm drink between your hands. So let us peek behind the curtain for a moment. It’s been a long pandemic. A time more difficult for some than for others. The Blind Wolf is a larp - not a tavern larp but a larp about a tavern. But more than this, it is an event to provide both players as well as characters with just that type of social space that is so important in society. It is a game with the core aim to spend time together once more. Even if there are nuances and a bit more to chew on for those that desire such play, the main point is to give people something lighthearted to look forward to. An evening at a tavern, in the company of old and new acquaintances. Not to mention hot Rakkhari drinks and food. A warm welcome to all of you.

This is no ordinary evening at the Blind Wolf’s tavern, and not just because an unusual number of visitors have found their way out to the small establishment on the edge of the Sorcerors’ Forest. No, this is the last evening that the southern owners are in charge of the tavern, and they have decided to treat their guests to the very best. But it’s not just wanderers and travellers that have found a place by the table.

The whole thing started, a bit unexpectedly, with a bunch of Javenians.

Rumors started spreading recently that the Blind Wolf - a tavern in southern Lenori on the road to the large harbour city Kern Avanna - would maybe be bought by Javenians. No one who knew of the place were very surprised that the tavern was set to change hands once more - it seemed to be rather haunted by ill fortune, and the Rakkhari owners hadn’t exactly been able to convince the locals to try more exotic drinks and foods. But the idea that Javenians were interested in buying it raised more than a few eyebrows.

It didn’t take long before the Silver Flame - a Seran group made up of diplomats, merchants and their allies - reacted to the news. They saw it as a clear attempt by to expand Javenian influence, which in their eyes had already grown too large in Lenori. The deal must be stopped - even if it meant buying the tavern themselves.

These plans were soon caught on to by the Red Bjurgs, a Lenorian movement who are working against the growing foreign powers in their small country. Something had to be done, and the Blind Wolf quickly became a symbol for their entire ideology. Take back what belongs to Lenori - even if it’s just a small, weatherbeaten tavern.

So now, all these parties have been invited to see who is best fit to take over. Because money alone will not be enough - it’s also about winning the owners’ trust and at least make them believe that the tavern will be in good, decent hands. So tonight, one has to choose one’s words carefully, and who knows what kind of unexpected allies one can find on a night like this over a mug of hot apple brew?

Let us explain it short and simple.

This larp offers its players some different experiences, depending on what you find most appealing - the most important thing is that each and every one is aware of what they want out of the larp. The rest will sort itself out.

There are three types of characters:

Representatives for Ravenni’s lackeys (Javenians), The Silver Flame (Serans), and the Red Bjurgs (Lenorians). These are 3-7 in number, and have come to the tavern to try and win over the owners so that they can become the new proprietors. These characters are for those that want to have a tangible goal to play towards beyond social play.

Independents, who are guests that may have influence to offer those that want to take over the tavern. Their help may prove invaluable when the evening is coming to a close - but they all have their own demands and motives. These characters can flow more freely between general socialising and “business play”. Characters for those that want a bit of spice, but also to chill.

And last (but certainly not least), visitors, who are all manner of travellers and locals who have come to the tavern for personal reasons. The focus is on conversation, storytelling, song, games and other social play.

The most important thing is that you - yes, you - make the choices that you feel will give you and others the nicest possible evening.

What do I need to read?

Those who are already familiar with the setting used for this game know that there is a lot of background material. But for this larp very little reading is required, as the focus is more on a sense of community rather than total immersion. With this said, players will be provided with the possibility to dive in as deep as they want.
Culture info contains very simplified world information and is the only information you really need to read, other than this it is up to you to choose what helps you create a better larp.
The project’s updated website contains a wealth of visual material and information that can be used as inspiration for your own game or for character ideas.

Beyond this the game runs on an “ask and you shall receive” policy, which means that players can get any kind of information they desire, as long as they ask. More information about this will be given after sign-up.

• Organisers •

Zacharias Holmberg - Designer and writer
Pia Sjöberg - Logistics & practicals
Jo Granvik - Kitchen coordinator
Fredrik Westblom - Assistant
Måns Backman - Writing and design assistant
Annette Sjöskog - Writing assistant
Contact: zacharias.b.holmberg gmail

Blinda Vargen (Skymningstimmen, 2008)